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UPDATE 6/1/19 1:30PM EDT

Unfortunately, we did not make goal and likely will not be continuing further. There are some other possibilities I’m looking into, but there will be no quick fixes this time.

In the past, I could stop a contribution without blocking someone. That doesn’t appear to be the case now. I can skip individual months for everyone or block a person. Hehe, blocking certainly sends the wrong message. So, if you signed up to contribute, when you get a moment, could you remove your contribution? In a week or so, I’ll “unlaunch” this Patreon contribution page. I don’t want anyone to get a surprise if I relaunch this at a later date and this grabs money from your account unintentionally.

Any further developments will be posted on the website and Facebook page.

Thanks again for trying to help. Hopefully a good solution is coming!

UPDATE 5/30/19 10:30PM EDT

It really doesn't look like we're hitting goal, so I paused the June billing cycle and no one will get charged. I didn't want to get stuck at work tomorrow and inadvertently fail to remove everyone's contributions when things are clearly not moving forward. I will clear them off this weekend, if not tomorrow. 

Thank you all for trying. I will explore other options for this in the future, but for now... looks like WQQN.NET will stop on 5/31.


Is this the end?

Looks like it. On Friday, Radionomy will discontinue operations for the same reason WQQN.NET stopped operating on its own servers: music stream licensing costs are larger than the revenue from advertising.

I looked at other options, going so far as to build out WQQN.NET on Live 365 this weekend, but the real problem is… I can’t afford the monthly cost. The listening, even now, would exceed their highest priced published tier.

A couple years ago, I did try to get this Patreon thing rolling, but… we ended far short of the necessary goal after six weeks of repeating the need once per hour. Subscription models would require a lot of tracking on my end, and paywalls discourage sampling. WQQN.NET thrives on sampling.

So here’s the last ditch effort: if we can get the Patreon up to $350/month, we can probably keep this thing going. Honestly… I don’t think we can. It didn’t work a couple years ago. Same deal as last time, if we don’t hit goal, I’ll stop everything before payments process on June 1. 

Should we hit goal, we’ll run on Live 365 with a separate automation server that will feed it. I’ll update the app and website with the info and we’ll be set.

If we don’t… Hey, it’s been fun, right?

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