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It all started with one idea. An idea to create a podcast that would challenge our perception of childhood memories and nostalgia. An idea to create a platform for nerdy and geeky people to come together and discuss what we enjoy today and what we enjoyed so many yesterdays ago. An idea that gave us an excuse to hang out every week and talk about fun stuff and drink beer.

The Wreck My Podcast was created as a place for everyone to remember the good ole days when things were much simpler and our innocence was not yet desensitized. This podcast has always been a hobby, and will always be a hobby, because we never want nostalgia and nerd culture to be about money. Our philosophy has always been to be all inclusive and let our listeners be a part of the team. We do this to have fun, and all we hope to do, is bring some fun into every listeners lives as well.

When I started this with a small group of my close friends, I imagined that only my wife and family members would be listening. I never realized that there might be a possibility that I would create and cultivate new friendships through this podcast, and expand the viewership base to as large as it has gotten. With this increase comes some operating costs, such as hosting, adding equipment, replacing equipment, and investing into the show to make it that much more enjoyable for the listeners. I've learned a lot along the way and realized there's always areas for improvement.

THIS IS WHERE YOUR GENEROSITY COMES INTO PLAY! Anything you donate will be used specifically to keep this show running smoothly and making it better! It also helps that you get some reward benefits along the way too!

So let me give you all a preemptive THANK YOU! Not just for the possibility that you might donate to this Patreon page, but thank you for supporting the show by listening and interacting. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to provide this podcast that has been a dream of mine for so long, and look forward to continuing to bring you all the best show I can create!
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Any little bit you guys donate helps with the production costs of the show, and we are beyond grateful for that! If we hit this goal, we could start investing into some merchandise and new show possibilities. Help make my dream come true!! Help me Patreon Kenobi, you're my only hope.
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