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About Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast

So... you've probably got some questions:

Who/What is the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast? Setup in August 2013 by Bob Bamber, the Wrestling 20 Years Ago podcast see Rory, Chris, & Lacey and an ever increasing group of brave souls trapse through the world of wrestling from 20 years ago. Now releasing on average nearly four shows a month running to seven hours plus, we've released over 80 shows and 150 hours of podcasts covering the WWF, WCW and ECW.

Why Are You On Patreon? Simply to cover my slowly expanding list of expenses that the show involves. If I exceed that, then that's awesome too. I'm not going to be a podcaster that says "without adverts/donations our show cannot run". Running a podcast is not prohibitively expensive - we'll never run ads. But I have been doing this for a few years, and if I can cover my costs (approx £150/$200 a year) then that'd be excellent.

What Is "Early Access" To Shows, Does This Effect The Release Cycle Of The Podcasts? Due to the volume of shows we produce, and our once a month release schedule, podcasts are being recorded right across any given month ahead of the batch release. We release shows at the end of each month once the final show we record is edited together. For our Patreons, all we'd be doing is making the shows already edited available once they're ready. The "ordinary" release cycle is unaffected. Note: this isn't *always* possible, sometimes I'm just editing shows off the reel at the end of the month and shows are only ready a short time before launch. It will be offered for episodes where it's available.

What Other Plans Do You Have For Extra Content?. We are putting out at least one bonus shows of some shape or form every month. so far there have been watch alongs, album reviews (crossover with Show And Tell With Tunes) and we plan to do Takeovers and more. We also might have a run at Mean Gene's Hotline business!

I Would Like To Appear On The Show - Is This A Way Of Doing That? I've had people ask that, I think it sets a dangerous trend that I'm not particularly keen to explore. Besides, everyone who's appeared on the show has done so for free, so it doesn't seem right to "paywall" that right. That being said, we are always looking for guests, demand can ebb and flow but it can't hurt to message me if you'd like to be considered - but being a Patreon won't impact on that.

That being said... one idea I had for the bonus content was that if you had a show out of timeline that you'd like us to cover (anything pre-August 1993 and after say 2005), then that could form part of the bonus content that we offer to Patreons is you could request a show then come on the recording and help us review it. I'll explore that down the road.

I've Already Appeared On The Show, Do I Need To Donate?.... Yes :D.

I'm kidding... depends how keen you are on appearing again!

Am I Missing Out On Anything If I Don't Donate?
Well, if we reach our "McGregor Money" goal then you're going to be missing out on me, Rory and Del (sorry gents!) going back and reviewing probably the most boring pay per view of all time. But other than that, no. This isn't being setup as a firewall that will make the existing output any less than what it is now. Any Patreon exclusive stuff will largely be irrelevant (see hotlines or pre August 1993 stuff).
$8.93 of $20 per month
My total podcast expenses for the year are £150/$200 (Podbean £70, web hosting £60 and domains £20) - if we can reach this goal I'd be delighted!

*depending on the exchange rate.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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