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Five dollars per month is all you need to pay to get access to all of our bonus audio content, which will include at minimum (often more):
  • Two full length exclusive episodes of Wrestling Omakase per month
  • One bite sized "1 Match" episode per week (four per month)
  • One Anime Omakase per month

Plus: Bonus daily tournament coverage
(when major tournaments like the G1 Climax or Champion Carnival are running; note this may replace the 1 Match episodes that month)
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Wrestling Omakase has been producing podcast content nearly every single week since our very first episode on June 28th, 2017, focusing on Japanese professional wrestling (but with some additional coverage of US wrestling as well) and featuring weekly rotating guest co-hosts. Now, we are proud to offer bonus audio coverage with our new Patreon. For just $5, here is what you're getting each and every month:

1) At least two full exclusive episodes of Omakase every month, usually 5 Matches episodes
This is the most obvious benefit: each month you will get at least two full, complete extra episodes of the Wrestling Omakase podcast exclusive to our Patreon feed. When wrestling largely shut down and then went empty arena as a result of the pandemic, Omakase went to our retro-focused 5 Matches format on the main feed. But with fans returning to shows in Japan at least, it became time to once again cover current wrestling on the podcast. But since everyone seems to love the 5 Matches episodes and I frankly love doing them as well, I wanted to continue doing them even after shows came back. Hence, this Patreon is the solution.

So to make this simple: we will continue to provide a weekly free episode of Omakase to the Voices of Wrestling podcasting network, but in addition there will be at least two episodes per month exclusively for Patreon subscribers. They will be numbered like normal to indicate these are full episodes, and to show people on the free feed that they're missing out. These episodes will feature John and at least one guest, and since this is on Patreon the guest will be able to be paid for their time. Usually they will follow the 5 Matches format where John and the guest each pick 2 matches and then there's a fan vote for the fifth match between our third picks, and the fan vote for these episodes will only be open to patrons, so you'll get to select what we watch as well! It's possible we will also feature other types of episodes, including draft and historical episodes as we've done in the past on the free feed, and we'll possibly experiment with some new episode types also. But the bottom line is you're simply getting more Omakase, and especially more 5 Matches Omakase as the free feed transitions away from that episode type (or at least does them less). 

2) John's new "1 Match" series: at least one per week/four per month
Think of this as a bite-sized supplement to the 5 Matches series you're used to. John will sit down and watch a wrestling match and then they'll record a solo podcast about that match. The idea will be very similar to the 5 Matches series if you're enjoying that, except without a guest, and will be used to follow along a series of matches. Since we're following a series of matches in order it also gives John ample opportunity to talk about other topics as we discuss what each wrestler did in between each match, so expect plenty of digressions as well. For the first 1 Match series John began with all the Okada-Tanahashi matches in order from 2010 to present day, so that gives you an example of what to expect. Each of these podcasts will also be on the shorter side (generally about 25-35 minutes). You're guaranteed to get at minimum one per week/four per month, often more, unless it's a tournament month in which case this will be replaced by tournament coverage (see below). John set themselves a modest goal here of four a month knowing they could hit that, but in our first month of June we did 9 of these episodes, so you're often going to get more.

3) Anime Omakase: at least one per month
We almost rolled this out on the free feed a few months back but instead it's been saved for the Patreon. Do you like the anime talk from the start of many Omakase episodes? Well this will be the show for you. John, both with and without guests, will record at least one episode per month entirely on an anime series or topic. This may be on one particular anime series or movie, or it may be on something like "Favorite shows of 2020". We're excited to bring this to you finally! Again, in the first month of June we brought you two episodes of Anime Omakase so we're already above these minimums, with more to come in July.

In addition to everything above that you'll get every month for just $5, some months you'll also get bonus tournament coverage! This will likely replace the 1 Match series during weeks when we're covering a tournament (simply because of time), but the basic idea is pretty simple: for major Japanese tournaments like the G1 Climax, Champion Carnival, D-ou and possibly more you'll get daily coverage of each and every show during the tournament!

Given the wacky schedule this year, John is going to attempt to cover the G1 Climax, Champion Carnival and NOAH N-1 Victory tournaments all at the same time! This is going to require some sacrifice- 1 Match will have to be put on pause, and we'll only do one 5 Matches Omakase during September and October at most- but we'll make it work!

And that's it! I hope you enjoy the Wrestling Omakase Patreon! Thank you very, very much for your support, I greatly appreciate it!

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