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  • Set any time for notifying you to remember to write.
  • Write your own writing prompts.
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    About Ed @ Writeaday

    I work on this app because I like to journal and I like to build things. I like to build things so much, in fact, that I'm living off my savings and working on this instead of getting a job at a tech company here in San Francisco.

    Writeaday is a beautiful way to journal and it brings the concept of streaks to journaling. Every entry you write adds a color to your gradient, motivating you to write more, to grow this gradient out. This makes it easy - no, enjoyable - to journal every day.

    I need the support of patrons here on Patreon to continue working on Writeaday. The revenue from in-app purchases just isn't enough. If you love journaling, I encourage you to give Writeaday a try. This may be the last time you have trouble keeping a journal.
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    When I reach 100 patrons, I'll hire an illustrator to help me add some really nice illustrations throughout the app. Everything was currently designed by me, which means there's a lot of room for improvement. I'm trained as a software engineer, not a designer ;)
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