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About Stephanie Tillman

Let's keep it simple. I am treating writing as a full-time job. I have been maintaining WriteInspiration/"Why Aren't You Writing?" for a few years now, and it would be much more feasible to do so if I could get money to make time for it. I have at least one post every day, and I'd like to be able to afford to do more in-depth posts than I've been able to do for a while now. I work my butt off but don't make a lot of money for it. I want to financially support myself.

Patreon is set up so that you set up a pledge to give a certain amount of money at the first day of every month.

Your money will be going toward making sure that I can eat, pay rent, and take care of myself on a regular basis.

If I am able to eat and pay rent, then I am able to put more time and money toward creating content for my amazing blog followers.

If a monthly donation doesn't sound like your thing, or you don't think you have enough to regularly pay it but still want to help me out, then you can donate to me at the link included in this sentence!

It takes a lot of time to compose a really good blog post, especially if it's something personally important to me.

I also have a lot of health problems that make my life difficult, so I'd like to be able to afford the types of care required for these problems.

I have a few freelancing jobs right now, but having a consistent income--no matter how small--would make my life significantly easier. My life being easier makes it easier for me to post good, creative content for my loyal supporters. Want to hire me to edit a blog post for $5? I'll also edit your books (cost varies). Click here!

Patreon also gives me the opportunity to give you something in return for supporting me! I'll be adding more options as time goes on. Your rewards will be as personalized as possible, and if things go well enough, then I can give even better rewards later down the road.

It's great option for everyone! Take a minute to think about it:

If you can't afford to give me money every month, then that's fine. My posts will be posted no matter what! The same quality of content you've come to expect from me will still be available to everyone for free.

If you can afford to give me even a dollar every month, then that's one dollar that I don't have to worry about. The cost of living can really add up, especially because I have a lot of chronic health issues. Even a dollar a month means I've got 12 dollars after a year, which is 12 more dollars than I had before. EVERY donation will warrant a "thank you" on my blog. I'll probably do categories of donation ranges.

If you can afford to give me a few dollars, then you'll be thanked on my blog, and I'll try to set up some additional monthly rewards for patrons in this dollar range.

And so on! The more money you supply me with, the more I can do for you and all of the rest of my wonderful followers. I just recently hit the milestone of 9,900 followers, and I'd really like to have the chance to thank people personally for helping me out.

If you think of a donation incentive or milestone reward, then please just let me know! I aim to be flexible in these matters, and I'd love to be able to provide something that people really want. :)
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I sometimes get asked to talk a bit more about myself and my writing, but I can't ever seem to find the time or willpower to do so. If we can get even just $10 per month, I'll sit down and tell you some stuff that you may not know about me. If you have specific questions that you'd like answered, then let me know what they are when you can.
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