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All of the gratitude! Seriously, Nami (my cat) and I will be very grateful for your donation! 
Character Creation Workshop
Limited (5 remaining)
per month

At this tier, I'll spend an hour in a one-on-one session with you working on one new character. I may have some resources I can share with you, but you must have access to the core rules of the system you're creating a character for.

As part of this session, we can also discuss general rules or how to play in this system.

This reward is limited to systems I'm comfortable with (otherwise, it's not really worth you paying me to talk about it with you), which include:

D&D 5e

Blue Rose

Monsterhearts 2


7th Sea 

Scarred Lands

Realms of Pugmire


One Session of Blue Rose
Limited (5 remaining)
per month

Join this Blue Rose campaign, taking place once a month on Wednesdays. Generally, the game runs on the third Wednesday of the month, 6-9pm PST with some adjustments as needed for conventions, work, or other scheduling conflicts. If the time needs to change, I'll let you know immediately and refund you for that month's session.

The reward for this tier is one session, so if you want to continue playing this campaign, you'll need to stay at this tier for the duration. 

Current game days are:

18 December

15 January

19 February

18 March



About Jess

Jess writes D&D adventures on the DMs Guild and has work in Uncaged Volume I and more upcoming anthologies. She also participates in several podcasts, including three regular TTRPG actual play podcasts: Bitches & Liches where she GMs Blue Rose, d20 Dames where she plays a genasi druid, and Qumenera, a Numenera podcast with an all queer cast. 
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At $200, I'll be able to pay an artist to illustrate my next D&D, so it will look wonderful and professional for publishing. 
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