D. Gabrielle Jensen

is creating raw, gritty urban fantasy, pulp horror, and slam poetry

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I am D. Gabrielle Jensen, rebel creator of gritty urban fantasy, startling pulp horror, and visceral slam poetry. I was raised in Small Town, USA, but I have asphalt in my veins. I love the raw, pulsing energy of a city, how each one is different, and how each one can be felt within the span of a few mere beats of a human heart.

I love humans. I am a type A extroverted empath. Apply whatever skepticism you want to that statement but it won’t change the truth, which is that I honestly enjoy people as a species.

I am made from music. I have spent more of my life experiencing music than I have anything else, even writing. I weave the music I love into my stories and I have countless stories that start with my love of music which defies genre boundaries.

I was born to be a storyteller. I started telling stories almost as soon as I could string words into sentences. I shared those stories with anyone who would listen – even some people who probably weren’t. I started writing them down shortly after that. I think I tell a pretty good story, even if it does sometimes need to circle the airport.

Humans are at the core of my stories. Real, raw, damaged, beautiful, powerful humans. I write, a lot, about women because despite all the others who have gone before me who have written about women, someone still asks, “Why do you write about strong women?”

“Strong women” implies, to me, the antithesis and I don’t believe in weak women. I think, what we endure day to day, what we are expected to accept in our lives, gives every woman her own kind of strength and power. I write about rebel women who turn that strength loose on the world.

I am a living, organic thing and every day I am different to who I was the day before. In that vein, my platforms and strategies need to be living and organic. I can’t guarantee that what you find here this month will still be here next month but I can guarantee that I will replace it with something of equal or greater value.

I want Patreon to be a means for creative freedom. Through your help and support, I want to gain the sovereignty to spend more time forming and manipulating words, molding them into descriptions of humans and worlds and events that make you, my patrons, proud to support me. In return, I offer you words. Lots of them. Tips for tapping in to your own inner rebellion, exclusive content only available here, and a bi-weekly podcast on topics I hope are of evergreen concern (so they will be relevant to you no matter when you sign up).

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