Brian Geddes, Writer is creating a giant science fiction universe.

$1 /mo
Cadet Level: You'll get an official membership in the forces of Earth Command.

$3 /mo
Chief Petty Officer Level: You'll get to find out what happens in the monthly hangouts in the form of a silly story written by me about something that happens.

$5 /mo
Ensign Level: You'll get access to the monthly hangout. We'll talk about art and I'll probably babble incessantly about the writing process. Then I'll write a silly story about it.

$10 /mo
Lieutenant Level: You will get an honored spot on the Wall of Fame over at and a thank you in a future publication of some sort. We'll work those details out late...

$15 /mo
Lieutenant Commander Level: You will get an exclusive chance to read one of my novels before it gets published (third draft or later) in an electronic format of your choice. And yo...

$20 /mo
Commander Level: You will get an exclusive poster of a piece of art I have commissioned in the Earthrise universe. And all of the lower level stuff.

$50 /mo
Captain Level: You will get early access to projects I'm working on in the Earthrise universe and a chance to learn about the larger bits of the universe. And you'll get all the lower level stuff.

$100 /mo
Admiral level: We will cross this bridge if anyone ever pledges this much. It'll probably be something pretty cool, though.