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The one and only tier! When you support the Writers Happiness Movement at $5/month,  you're supporting so much writerly happiness: grants and residencies the ongoing creation of new happiness tools for writers. Thank you for being the foundation of a world where happiness, kindness and the written word truly matter. You are amazing. Let's do this thing! 



About Lori Snyder

The Writers Happiness Movement grew out of wanting to live in a world where happiness, kindness, and the arts matter more than money. It is based on the belief that we—as writers and humans, as individuals and as community—have the complete power to create this world in a way that is inclusive, accessible, and sustainable, and that supports every single one of us in being who we are and writing what we write.

The goal of the movement is to create more happiness for every writer while making the world a better place for all writers, with a long-term vision of creating large-scale programs such as grants, residencies, and retirement homes for writers — all funded by an alternative economic structure rooted in kindness and inclusion. Everything we offer is here to help you access more joy, more writing time, and more spaciousness for and around your writing and life.

This is meant to be both a revolution and a refuge. There's nothing you have to do here other than be who you are and write what you write. Whether you've been writing for decades, are just starting to think you might like to write, or are somewhere in between, the Writers Happiness Movement is here to remind you how important what you do actually is.

There are two parts to the Writers Happiness Movement: 

PART ONE: In which you receive an ongoing supply of free happiness tools created specifically for writers, all designed to help you access more happiness, and therefore more psychic space to write (and live).

PART TWO: In which the Writers Happiness Movement supports writers with programs such as grants, residencies, and so forth, all of which are sustained through a cooperative, community-based structure that reflects a world where writing, kindness, and joy matter.

And this is where you come in. Because the Writers Happiness Movement has community, art, kindness, and true happiness as the end goals, it is important that the way the movement is conducted and the structure of the movement itself create and reflect those values. This includes the economic system that supports everything. And so, the Writers Happiness Movement and all its programs for writers are supported by an alternative, community-based economy. We believe this kind of economy promotes the healing of the world and uses the power of all of us together to build the world we want.

Here's how it works: If you love the ideas of writerly happiness and are in a position to support it, you can become a patron of happiness at $5/month.

This is the only tier. It’s small enough that it might seem do-able for many of us, but big enough that it will add up quickly. Your patronage will go to build and manage the kind of programs listed above, programs that make the world kinder and happier for writers. This is similar to becoming a patron of an individual artist, except that instead of the patronage going to one writer so they can keep creating art, it goes to programs designed to build a world where all writers can keep creating art.

This kind of structure isn’t a standard one-to-one exchange for goods or services. Likewise, it isn’t a non-profit. Nor is it dependent on hierarchy, scarcity, or fear of missing out—all things that are common in the economic world, but aren’t useful when the true end goals are more happiness, kindness, and creativity for all of us.

Imagine what we could build if enough of us come together at $5/month! Grants, residencies, retreats, co-living spaces…all funded bywriters, for writers. What if there were 5,000 of us at $5/month…or 10,000…or 100,000?!

We can change the world with as little as five dollars a month. and the power comes from all of us.

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At 100 patrons, we can bump the amount of each tiny grant to $50 instead of $25, hence paying for a meal out, some babysitting, a utility bill, or just some good odds and ends for a writer who probably really, really needs it.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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