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About Writer's Routine

HEY! Thanks for having a look at my Patreon.

'Writer's Routine' is a show that does exactly what it says on the tin, we talk to some of the most successful authors (and occasionally other creative folk) about their working day, and try to steal some of their scheduling secrets.

We've chatted to all sorts of writers, from A (Cecelia Ahern) to V (Val McDermid). In 2018, we were awarded Silver in 'Best Culture' at the British Podcast Awards, and are listened to all over the world. 

I think the show provides an insight into an authors day that you won't find anywhere else, and I love chatting to writers and producing the show. 

Costs do add up though - ferrying around the UK, buying new kit to record and the time it takes to make simply gets quite expensive. If you enjoy what we do, and have learned anything along the way that's perhaps helped the way you tell stories, please do show us some love.

A dollar or so every month will mean I can dedicate more time to the show, instead of taking other work to make money, it will help with travel costs, and perhaps buy a coffee/ beer that a guest and I can drink over a chat.

Being British, this was obviously awkward and uncomfortable for me to write (I'll go and have a shower now...) THANKS FOR READING and anything you can spare is extremely well appreciated.