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About WriteSpike

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and been so moved that you wished there was some way of showing gratitude for the experience?  Some storylines touch us in ways beyond our understanding. We feel a connection to the author as if we’ve known them for years. Or we relate to their story so well that it feels like it’s our own. 

WriteSpike is a platform where readers and writers can connect on a more personal level. We’ve created a place where writers can showcase their work and get to know their readers, a place where users can create group chats to share ideas, a place where writers can hone their skills and readers can immerse themselves in plots from any genre imaginable. 

Come join us on this journey. Help the writers you love live their passion by funding your favorite storylines. Get swept away by the endless possibilities of igniting someone’s imagination. Become part of creating your own story. Become part of WriteSpike. 

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