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General support, to support the writing of my first novel, Space 2047, free copies of the book when published, and updates during the working progress, and thank you's to contributors.

"Once said Graham, we were so lonely in space, that we attached large advertising signs to our spacecraft, the signs invited people to come and have a cup of tea with us and some scones with jam and cream. But all that happened was that every salesman in the universe heard about us or so it seems, and appeared out of nowhere and tried selling us the most useless things in the universe, such as a piece of a meteorite that they claimed was a meteorite with a photo of a female supermodel on, but the bit of the meteorite was so worn away, and all that was left of the picture was a beard. And well, I prefer women without beards personally said Graham, but each to their own he continued. And then he took a deep breath and sighed. Yes, sadly, we are all still quite lonely. Because we have all been living together for several thousand years on this spacecraft, and this particular part of the journey has been the most tedious time that you can ever imagine. Because all that has happened outside is that we keep seeing lovely stars, and some boring meteorites who are not sentient which obviously, is a terrible shame, oh and robotic traffic wardens. Now, said Graham whilst clutching his cup of darjeeling tea, let me tell you about robotic traffic wardens...."

"Would you like to do some Gardening Susan said Zebabababaa?

Yes please Zebabababaa said Susan excitedly.

Great said Zebabababaa, Ing is that Swedish man laying down on his back over there covered in Soil and grass. He asks for his lawn to be mowed once a week. His lawn is on his back. Zebabababaa sighed, I really was hoping he would grow out of wanting to be a garden, but he says he likes being close to nature. Once a very small person whose name I forget had a picnic with champagne upon him. Ing claims he has back problems but I just think he is a lazy so and so, but he seems happy and that is the main thing. And nature is a wonderful thing said Zebabababaa, and we should be more appreciative of it, and it is terrible what the human race has done to the Earth, they have built the worlds largest waterslide and it sticks right out of it, and it starts in space and ends up in the carribean ocean. Zebabababaa had a pained look upon his face. Hmmm, it really is an eyesore said Zebabababaa, and once, when we were on holiday, we nearly crashed into it. And then, unsurprisingly some of the crew flying our spaceship called heaven about had to change their underpants because of the near miss with Earth. Obviously crashing into Earth was not what we wanted to but we hadn't been there for ages and obviously planning regulations on Earth had gone right downhill since we were last there."
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About Ben Robinson

Hello, I am Ben Robinson. I am the author of Alas the day, which is my first poetry book. I find great inspiration in nature and people. I first truly appreciated the love of language at my first school through having an incredible English teacher. 
Alas the day the poem is about ignorance and oppression.
There is far too much violence in the world because of ignorance and lack of education.

Alas the day

Alas the day,
alas the night,
when the voices cease,
and the words run from the page,
when men, women, boys and girls are deprived through repression,
racism and hate,
and ill education of an age.

I hope you all enjoy my poetry.
My website can be found at:

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