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Get access to:
• all my short ad-free self-study videos,
• the question worksheet (downloadable), and
• my answer videos.

Here, you get the chance to practice the skills you learn in the teaching videos and really develop your professional writing skills.
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Here, as well as getting access to "Show me the questions and answers!", you'll get access to all my advanced materials:
  • 10 hours+ of video (27 lessons) that has a detailed look at why you need to improve your professional English writing skills,
  • the advanced writing correction exercises that use real legal English texts, and 
  • my suggested answers and more hints and tips.
I use the 27 videos with my one-to-one students. These videos go into a lot of detail about:
  • why it's important to improve your writing skills,
  • the authorities and doctrine that show and explain why the problems exist, and
  • how to fix those problems in your writing.
After watching the videos, you'll get the chance to redraft the texts on my worksheets, and see how I would change the text in my suggested answers/redrafts.  
  • Get access to "Show me the questions and answers!"
  • Get access to my advanced legal English writing videos
  • Download the advanced worksheets
  • Get my suggested answers for the worksheets




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About WrittenLegalEnglish.com

I'm making all of my self-study videos available online to help as many non-native English speakers improve their professional writing skills.

Although it says 'legal' in the title, these skills will help to improve your business, academic, and general English writing skills.

Please support me as I release videos that will teach you writing skills that are easy to learn and that you won't find in standard English language coursebooks.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 146 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 146 exclusive posts

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