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Neal Byles

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About Neal Byles

Hi, I'm Neal, and I haven't had a boss in four years! (Hi, Neal!) I'd like to keep it that way. Currently I make the bulk of my living from my tutoring company, but I would like to shift that balance over to my other business, my webcomic, "With the Band." At its core, "With the Band" is about a group of four musicians trying to navigate the independent music scene, such as it is these days, but WtB also satirizes politics, education, pop culture, and whatever else catches my attention deficit at any given time. Oh, and squirrels. "With the Band" is also about squirrels. Lots and lots of squirrels.

How often does "With the Band" post? That's an excellent question I anticipated! WtB posts new tracks every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, fifty weeks out of the year (I take two weeks off to party, but I always post something even on my vacation days).  That's a fraction over twelve strips per month, 150 tracks per year.  WtB is and will remain free, but if you like what you read, be a mensch and pay a bit for it!

What your patronage will mean to me: First and foremost it will allow me to remain clothed, housed, and fed, all of which are quite valuable to me! It will also allow me to make more awesome WtB merchandise, such as more t-shirts, print comics, books, stuffed squirrels, and maybe even albums of the band's music! Did I mention squirrels? Of the stuffed variety? Those too! Eventually, your patronage will allow me to expand to include postings of classic "With the Band" strips from its original incarnation in a local New Hampshire print magazine in the 90s, weekly reviews of books, movies, television shows, comics, and games, spin off comics about Super Squirrels, Josh and Mo, or a comic illustrated Bible, and even some possible animated shorts.

The Squirrelverine! He's the best there is at what he chews, but what he chews isn't very nice.  Our next Milestone Goal at $100/month is a spin-off webcomic: "Squirrelverine!"  A panel-by-panel, page-by-page tribute to the Clairmont/Miller "Wolverine" limited series comic, "Squirrelverine will post one page a week each Saturday for the full run of the comic (approximately 104 pages plus four covers).

Other Milestone Goals:  At $200/month, we'll add a T-Shirt of the Whenever--whenever Groupie Squirrel Tees creates a new t-shirt, all Patrons at the $5+ level will get a shirt.

Rewards: For $2/month ($0.17/strip), you'll get my undying thanks and your name (and a link to your website, if you so wish) on's Patrons of the Arts page. For $5/month ($0.42/strip), we'll send you a postcard with the Squirrel-of-the-Month on it, plus the previous reward. For $10/month ($0.83/strip), we'll send you a sticker with the Squirrel-of-the-Month on it, plus the first reward. For $25/month ($2.08/strip), we'll send you a Lute Crate each month, filled with random items of squirrelly goodness, including, but not limited to, the postcards-of-the-month, the stickers-of-the-month, your name and website on our Patrons page, a book/CD/DVD/game from our extensive collection, and other things that strike our fancy, with more and better Rewards to come as Milestones are reached (such as the T-Shirt-of-the-Whenever, which will, eventually, become the T-Shirt-of-the-Month!).
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