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WTF Florida is dedicated to all the dumb criminals, absurd antics, ridiculous happenings, and general hilarity that happens in Florida. We pride ourselves on being “Florida’s best worst news site.” Follow the ever-evolving timeline of “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman” by tuning into WTFF News. All the articles in the “crime” section are based on real events and include either arrest affidavits or source links. Transparency and accountability are very important to us. Occasionally we post satirical articles which are clearly labeled in the “satire” section. Our stories are written factually and accurately, though we do sometimes give way to laughs. Expect bias and bluntly-presented truths. Expect sarcasm, purposely exaggerated to elucidate the trickery of corporate media. We’re essentially a comedy news site that showcases harsh reality from a unique Floridian perspective. We also expose corruption and promote liberty, civil rights, animal rights, education and environmental health.

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