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About Where The Fuck Is Xur

Where The Fuck Is Xur is a site dedicated to giving the Destiny community the most accurate and fastest information about Xur and his exact whereabouts without a lick of humor found anywhere on the site.  None at all.  Nope.  Zilch.

Of course the site couldn't operate without the excellent volunteer Xur Hunters from our Discord, who show up each Friday at reset to scour the Destiny universe for the tentacle face bastard, and there's been contributions from numerous individuals over the span of the site's life.  But the primary drive behind the site is a "too young for this shit" Computer Science student and a mysterious advertising guru from the mountains.

We've worked on the site as a passion project without any advertising or monetization of any kind for the site's entire lifetime, and that will never change.  However, we felt it would make sense to setup this Patreon to allow anyone who is willing and able to, to donate money.  These funds will go towards hosting the site above all else, and the rest will help us put in the hours to the project that we want to.

If you want to donate, that's great, and we are endlessly grateful!  If you don't want to, that's just fine too, we don't blame you whatsoever.  If you can't donate but want to help however you can, just keep using the site, that's more than enough.
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The famed Xur Hotline will make a bold return.  Your one stop shop for the most up to date information on Xur, brought to you by cutting edge software, communicated via the cellular phone (created in 1973).
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