What's The Frequency? is creating Audio Drama

Heartfelt Thanks & Twitter Shout-Out

$1 /creation
  • Our Gratitude 
  • Twitter shout-out

Early Access

$2 /creation
  • Members-only early access to new episodes
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Patron-only polls
  • Twitter Shout Out

Creator Commentary

$3 /creation
  • Exclusive commentary track from cast and/or crew
  • Plus all previous rewards

Bonus Audio and Experimental Scene Remixes

$5 /creation
  • Previously released scenes re-edited and redesigned into experimental psychedelic mind-melters 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Whitney Ice Cream Reviews/ Krog Reads Poetry

$10 /creation
  • Contributors choice: Once a month Whitney will review an ice cream OR Krog will read an original poem that reveals his soul
  • Plus all previous rewards

Associate Producer Show Credit

$25 /creation
  • A mention at the end of the show during the outro
  • Associate producer credit on the website
  • Plus all previous rewards

Executive Producer Credit

$50 /creation
  • A mention before the beginning of the show
  • Executive producer credit on the website 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Offical Show Sponsor

$1,000 /creation
  • A customized ad for each episode that you remain our sponsor. The ad will feature characters from the show done in the style of old-time radio!
  • Plus all previous rewards