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Hello! Welcome to the WTO Podcast Patreon. WTO is a fun, educational podcast about wildlife conservation, education, and the proper care of captive animals. We are an easy-going team with a low production value and an even lower budget, surviving on our wits, tenacity, and (hopefully) YOU! Thanks for joining us and stick around for more uploads.
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You are the powerhouse of this cell! You are the wind beneath our wings! You are the sail of our boat!

Also you get a shout-out on the show so that's cool.
Keystone Species
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Without you, our entire ecosystem would fail...simple as that. Like a beaver, or a honey bee.

This also gets you access to patron-only posts and a shout-out if being a keystone species just isn't enough for you.
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YOU'RE A CAT! Who doesn't love cats?? Sure you're responsible for the extinction of at least 63 different species of mammal, bird, and reptile, but you know...you're a cat!

Along with being a beautiful fluff, you have earned your way to accessing an exclusive inbox where you can ask any animal-related question, one of which will be answered on the show and the others will be answered via personl message! You also recieve access to any polls that we post on episode topics or just for fun. AND you will still get your shout-out so don't worry.
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Why a chinchilla you ask...Why not a chinchilla? You are a sassy, fun-loving rodent with the ability to jump up to 1.8m! (6ft) You also have the softest fur of any animal on the planet and we want to cuddle. But...not in a weird way.

You have unlocked access to our RSS feed! You can download our episodes straight from the source a few days earlier than anyone else. Look at you, all exclusive now. Plus the lower level rewards.
Wildlife Warrior
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What's better than being a resident of the wild? Being one of the few folks fighting to save it! With your support it will be no time before we are supporting the greatest conservation projects around the world.

For your wonderful contribution you have earned the right to join your fellow warriors LIVE! That's right, we will contact you via Skype and have you featured on a monthly segment of the show where you get to have one of the cast guess an organism of your choice! AND you will recieve a signed postcard (probably of my dogs face.) AAAAAAAND you will get all of the previous rewards on top of it all.
Conservation Extrodinaire
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You have joined the pantheon of greats. You will be placed on the wall next to folks like Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, & Jeff Corwin...it may be in fine print somewhere, but I swear you're there!

You have transcended the rank of "fan" and are officially one of us (we're sorry.) You personally get invited to join in topic discussions with the crew and can make suggestions on which animals will be discussed in our episodes! You basically work for us now, sucker. And don't worry, you get all that other stuff too.
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With your help we can get a NEW MIC! Specifically, the Blue Yeti which has been recommended to me. Obviously, this means better audio quality which will truly benefit us all.
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