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About Words To That Effect

If you are here then you have presumably heard the show and are intrigued by the possibility of becoming a patron.

Fantastic. Thank you!

I'm Conor Reid, the host and creator of Words To That Effect: Stories of the Fiction that Shapes Popular Culture.

WTTE has been growing steadily since its launch in June 2017 and I would love to keep on making the show better. However, it takes a serious amount of time to make each episode...which is where you come in!

If you become a patron and join the WTTE community you can get exclusive access to bonus episodes, a shoutout on the show, and a number of other patron-only rewards.
Oh, and my undying gratitude!

My initial goals are modest:  

The Initial Goal
$100 a month would cover the basic running costs of the show: books for research, web hosting and other tech stuff, small marketing costs, and so on.

The Medium-Term Goal
$200 a month would be a huge step towards allowing me to take time away from other work and put it into making WTTE even better.

The Longer-Term Goal
After that the real goal is to make Words To That Effect a significant part of what I do. More time for editing and getting the perfect guests, and money to update my equipment and for some marketing. Right now that's simply not possible because each episode takes a ludicrously long time to make. However, if support starts to grow I will start seriously looking into how to really grow the show. Once I reach the $200 goal I'll update everyone on how we can try to make that happen.

Thank you so much for listening and for being a part of the show.

Words To That Effect

$138.69 of $200 per month
A Longer Term Goal: $200 a month would allow me to invest more time on the show each week. Which means better episodes for everyone!
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