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About Wudang Academy Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage

The International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts is the international association of the Sanfeng lineage from Wudang. Here the entire authentic Sanfeng style is taught in accordance to the traditional teachings. In order to maintain the tradition and the quality of the Wudang schools, the training opportunities of the Wudang Academy are important in order to convey the basic knowledge and up to advanced thematics in a practical and comprehensible manner.
With our online program you can learn the internal martial arts everywhere. We have 4K Quality streams and publish new episodes frequently every two or three days for your daily training. The online sessions are suited for beginners and advanced practitioners, you can learn here from scratch or use your prior knowledge to enhance yours with the internal understanding from the Wudang Daoists.
We are hosting our classes on Patreon. Since we are an independent and self-sustaining Institution and we need your support to keep it that way.

The content is based on three main categories:
  1. Internal martial arts are a long way of self-awareness through the constant strengthening of mind and body. The inner struggle is preferred because the reason for a struggle always lies primarily with one itself. While the struggle is often understood as something contradictory, fighting is a contributing and productive process of self-development. This "inner struggle" deals the self with the state of being on a deep physical, mental and emotional level.
  1. Preventive curative arts from Wudang have Daoist roots and is today's basis for traditional Chinese medicine. This ancient form of healing is a self-study and has a very practical focus that works and is appreciated in preventive medicine by many western physicians. For all patients who had medical care at the same time, everyone could improve their condition at all levels by adhering to a strict training plan. By means of special exercises, body-specific processes are realized and understood. The willingness and readiness for change is fundamental in order to work consistently on our health.
  1. Applied philosophy is the main observation in Sanfeng Daoism. This understanding of our self and the construction of Yin and Yang gives us the inspiration and motivation to turn the thematic Wudang teaching into a living art. This is the key to the principles of the universe according to old school explanations and are in our academy logically handed down and applicable.

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