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is creating videos on custom amiibos, replicas and other Splatoon projects.

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A tier for all the Creagears that want to support the creations Pneuma and I make.

Exclusive content:
  • Patreon only updates on projects
  • Crea-Bomb credit in video's
  • Crea-Bomb Discord Role

Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support


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A tier for the Creagears that want to support even bigger projects. 

Exclusive content:
  • All the rewards from the Crea-Bomb-tier
  • Crea-Beakon credit in video's
  • Crea-Beakon Discord Role
  • 2 days early access to the newest WVD Creations video
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A tier for the Creagears that really want to see us make some even more amazing stuff. 

Exclusive content:
  • all the rewards from the Crea-Beakons-tier
  • Crea-Torpedo credit in video's
  • Crea-Torpedo Discord Role
  • access to the full updating video schedule 
  • access to vote on one out of three video-topic every 2 months
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About WVD Creations

Hey Creagears, Roboy and Pneuma here and welcome to the WVD Creations Patreon page!
Here you will be able to choose from three different tier to support our channel in the making of our creations!

Wait, Pneuma and who?
Roboy! But I do think an introduction is in place.
As said, we are Roboy and Pneuma from the YouTube channel WVD Creation.
On our channel we post two videos per month showing the making process and end-result of many Splatoon, and sometimes Nintendo, related projects. These projects can differ from Custom Amiibo's, Replica Weapon Props, Diorama's, to just everyday item that we are able to give a Splatoon twist.
With our channel we try to encourage people to try and also make some of our project or even try to make their own creations inspired by ours. That is also why we also try to use the common or easy to get materials so that everyone can also make it at home.

Why do you have to use Patreon?
With the two projects per month that we try to do we do have to spend a bit more money on all the materials and the machines that we need for the processes. But it does get pretty hard to do that from only our own savings. That is why we wanted to introduce Patreon, as a chance for our fans (or as we like to call them the Creagears) to support us in our making journey. With this support we will be able to purchase new and better materials and machines to keep improving our projects!
(without losing sight of our core-message)

But do Creagears also get something in return?
We try to also give something back for the extra support that the Creagears are able to give. This will differ from a shout-out in every video from now on with every tier, to early access to video's, or even the ability to choose a project from a selection from time to time. And we will keep trying to update the rewards when new possibilities are open.

But I think that is going to be all we have to say.
So, we hope you will consider supporting us in our endeavours and we hope to see you back with the newest video on the channel. And as always,
Keep those creative gears turning!
$7.49 of $22.82 per month
  • Current Splatoon 2 (Custom) Amiibo collection showcase video exclusive to Patreon.
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