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To all patrons of the show I try each month to give something extra from the interviews. Somethings never make it into the podcasts but are worthy, they might just be off topic...

You'll get a few "extras" that have been edited out of the interviews.
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Advert free podcasts!

From time to time I am approached about carrying a commercial on the show. If I do run a commercial I'm make available an "advert free" version of the podcast.

If you use the Patrons RSS feed (somewhere on the right of the Patreon page) it should be delivered into your podcast application of choice.

The 'Rockefeller'

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Throughout the centuries endeavours have have been made possible by philanthropic gestures of generous people.

This is the ‘Rockefeller’ tier of patrons. I may not be painting the Sistine Chapel like Leonardo da Vinci but you are my Medici, helping me convey the history of the Second World War.

At this level at patronage I am humbled, you will be mentioned on the podcast as a patron. Any extra’s I dream up will be yours.



About WW2 Podcast

My passion has always been the history of Second World War. Like many people I grew up with stories of the war told by those who were there.

My father was called up in 1944, he joined the RASC, and I had two uncles in the RAF (one on Lancaster Bombers and the other on Sunderland Flying boats). Many of my parents friends had served in various roles, from crucial war service such as "Bevin Boy" to Radar operators in the Navy.

With the WW2 Podcast each episode I interview an expert on a subject. No topics are out of bounds (as yet), and I cover the military history side of the war as well as looking the home front. Hopefully the format allows for close examination of a topic, and makes for absorbing listen.

If you enjoy the podcasts why not become a patron?

By supporting me each month via Patreon you will help cover the shows costs, and there are more costs that you might think! To try to ensure good quality audio I send out USB headsets for guests if they need them, I use Adobe Creative Cloud (thats £45 pcm), there is hosting and books for research.

It all very quickly adds up.

Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated.
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The podcast is created on a shoestring with contributors from all over the world, there is very little I can do about a guests personal audio setup but at times Skype, Facetime or Google does let us down and we suffer from glitches on the line…

If we can reach a total of $850 a month I’ll use a professional service in favour of Skype, hopefully improving the audio quality.
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