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I'm a white guy in tech. This doesn't sound too promising. Okay, I'm cis but I'm queer. I live in France, I'm pretty young (I was born the same year as Hackers (the movie, with Angelina Jolie)) and I'm doing a few things in tech, mostly system and network administration. That means I take care of servers and IP packets.

Since I'm kinda into activism on a whole lot of subjects, it also means I try to put open services out there to help people who can't always do that themselves and might need those. I do what I can to educate people, too (I host cryptoparties. I help people decentralize. Idk, I do a few things).

I also just goof around on Twitter (and mastodon now too), and try to be funny (which I can guarantee I'm mostly not, but hey).

- mastodon account https://social.wxcafe.net/@wxcafe
- blog/website : https://wxcafe.net

Disclaimer : I don't *need* this money (for now, at least). Being able to host the Mastodon server without losing money would be nice, but I can afford it (again, for now). If you can only support one person, you should probably support someone who *needs* that money to live. I don't, as of now.

Anyway, that's it, I guess. Thank you for reading, and thank you if you decide to donate.
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I'm not losing money hosting the mastodon servers! Yay!

That's it. There's no rewards for you here, it's just a goal for me. Not losing money on this is pretty nice.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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