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You don't get any benefits from this, other than me giving you my eternal gratitude <3

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Hello!! I'm Wynter, Matthew's my real name. I'm a small-time YouTuber and streamer but I'm hoping one day I can have the pleasure of giving tons of people some good laughs and enjoyment! I'm a furry so I'm sure most people are gonna stop here and be like "ew, gross" then leave the page, but oh well. Those who choose to stay! Welcome! So for a long time I've been wanting to do YouTube, and streaming. That's a given, honestly; but! I've lacked the motivation as video editing has been super tedious without that motivation, same goes for trying to draw out my streams for long periods. Regardless, I wanna make content for people to enjoy, that I enjoy making.

This Patreon is simply for those who wanna support me financially, as it would be a huuuuuge help, and I would never be able to express my gratitude enough! <3

For those of you who are here for that and those of you who aren't, go check out my YouTube and Twitch to see if you like my content!
Thank you for checking out my patreon, and welcome to the WynterSquad <3
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My main goal as of now is get a decent amount of money so I can upgrade my rig and put out more content, and simply enjoy the time doing that! Also open the possibility for collaborations and a helping hand.

Thank you for helping me reach this goal, if you have <3
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