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About Aranaktu

About me
Hello, my name is Pawel and I'm creating tools for FIFA game series. In April 2014 with completely zero knowledge about game hacking I managed to release a tool for FIFA World game. It cost me dozens hours of trials and errors, but overall, I think it was worth it. Many things have changed over the years, but not my love for football and reverse-engineering and I'm still in this business.

Career Mode Cheat Table
The real journey started in October 2016 when I've published FIFA 17 - Career mode Table. Back then Cheat Engine was the only way to mod FIFA, so my post became quite popular. And even now, CE is the only way to make changes in existing career save. Over the years I managed to write a few scripts which definitely change career mode in FIFA game series. Your 16 yo player looks like 40 yo lad? No problem, you can now change his appearance. Feels like 5 training sessions is not enough? Now you can plan as many training sessions as you want. Do you want to loan your fresh, youth prospect? Again, it's not a problem anymore, change his joining team date and do it! Want to play more than 15 seasons on a single career save? Guess what... :)
I could give many more examples, but since you are here, you probably know what Cheat Table is... CT is free and it will remain free for everyone. However, Patrons will have access to the newest versions 7 days before everyone else.

FIFA Live Editor
At the beginning of 2020 I've started working on the Standalone FIFA Live Editor (now FIFA Live Editor). A tool that offer the best features from cheat table, but doesn't require cheat engine to work. It's written in C++, so it's faster and more flexible. The flexibility allows me to make features that was nearly impossible with cheat engine, like adding minifaces for players and executing lua scripts inside in-game lua engine for example.
I've started working on this project in November 2017 to make the game even more fun to play. You know, Sofifa is nice, but it's imo. only useful for the first two, maybe three seasons of your career. After that, you need to trust your scouts... Everyone knows how the scouting system in FIFA looks like. ;) This is what the FIFATracker is for. You can upload your career save on the website and see all the players in the database, including youth prospects from your youth academy and players generated by the game.

Other Games
Occasionally I make cheat tables for other games, here is the list:

Thanks for considering a support for my projects.
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This amount will allow me to do this full time. Which means constant developement and adding more features.
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