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hi all. am a random nerd. since 1997, i've been creating most popular websites, on math. (A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves.). Then, starting in 2006, emacs tips. Starting around 2010, many other programing tutorials and programing language essays. In particular, Python, JavaScript. And later, also on computer keyboards. (you can see my site ergoemacs.org , xahlee.info, xahlee.org , and in general web search "xah lee emacs", "xah lee keyboard", etc. (beware, since 2017 , daily there are tens of new domains with random generated pages saying "by xah lee".))

am a nerd. Am not much a social person. There are some 6 thousand html pages on my websites, written since 1997. And plenty have written about me, by others, or by me, you may already have seen.

am here, to get some bucks. You are here, probably because you enjoyed some of my writings, and have a heart and want to thank me by money. That's most wonderful. Thank you, first.

if you have question, let me know. Also, i'm on few social network sites. If you have a question, do mention you are my patreon or have otherwise donated. I don't want to be rude, but due to 20 years online presence, i have known hundreds of online persona, usually anonymous or by nickname, it's impossible to remember even if we've chatted online before. Mention that you paid gets my attention, and i'd answer your question more throughly. Otherwise, i often kneejerk into online spats about programing languages, and i do not yield on opinions sheerly for politeness.

if you want to random chat, like Ask Me Anything, feel free to post here or in other places. I'm likely to answer. Again, do mention you are my patreon or how otherwise you knew me. Because as i mentioned, daily, there are people contacting me. Some are random joe and now and then trolls or who didn't like my written opinions on programing, and lots people kept asking me questions like a free resource year after year (usually open source fans do that, because basically all my programing activities and software are open source or FSF ideology free.).

also, one sentence self intro would be nice. In past decades, i've gotten email or get contacted by people from high school kid to carpenter to some guy in Africa to house wife to prosttte to professors of math. A bit context do a lot to conversation.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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