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All donations help me to spend more time working on Sindarin. Thank you.
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  • The eternal gratitude of an Elf. May be cashed in for the answers to random Sindarin questions at any time.
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Ci milui! You are kind! Your donations allow me to purchase materials and to spend more time creating lessons.
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  • The eternal gratitude of an Elf who will anwer as many random Sindarin questions as you like, and if you wish it, a random poem or story.




Who am I?

Galu! I'm Xandarien, and I run Sindarin Lessons, a site dedicated to teaching one of J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish languages. I have been passionate about Tolkien's legendarium since I was a young child, and I have been involved in learning and teaching Sindarin since my early 20s. My goal has always been to make Sindarin accessible to anyone, not just linguists and academics.

Why am I on Patreon?
I strongly believe in making all linguistic material pertaining to Sindarin freely available through my main website, or my Sindarin forum. I will always continue to do this.

I have been teaching weekly Sindarin lessons since 2015. These are currently run through Discord and are aimed at all abilities.
By showing your support this Patreon this will allow me to continue to spend the time doing this; to create new lessons, and more importantly, to bring all the materials together into a cohesive syllabus which I can then present to new and future students.

If you wish to join these lessons, please email me at [email protected] or send me a private message through the forum.

The goal of $100 is based on the delivery of 4 lessons a month at $25 a session. All students need to be at least 16 years of age.

Any money raised will also be put towards the purchase of newly released linguistic material from which all students will benefit.

My sincere thanks for your help!
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