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Hi, I'm Xanewok!

I started my journey with Rust in 2016, when I set out to find better abstraction and a modern programming language that would aid in development and creating awesome things, not hamper it.
I believe that I finally found what I originally looked for, but I think there is still much to be done to help with adoption of the language and to make the Rust development experience more enjoyable.

I am very lucky to have started working on the Rust Language Server (RLS), which is a core Rust IDE tool that provides necessary IDE features in a favourite editor of your choice, as a part of my Google Summer of Code project. Since then, I joined the Rust IDEs and editors team and provided numerous patches to the RLS itself and other projects, improving the developer experience across the board.

I would love to continue hacking on the RLS and there's still so much to do: most notably compiler-backed code completion/intellisense in the editor, previewing macro expansion in the code or integrating with custom build systems you or your company might be using. Your support means a lot to me - it means I can continue working on something that I'm excited to work on and facilitate Rust development for every existing and potential Rust developer out there. Thank you!

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