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About xeno

In a world where there is an almost infinite amount of text data, there is an immense demand for text data processing. But the human brain can only process a certain quota of text data before it fatigues. And even before reaching that point, the quality of data processing slowly degrades, producing a low-quality result.

But sometimes, there is simply no time to sieve through the massive amounts of text data, leading to a biased or half-researched result. The deadlines are set with no accurate mental visualisation of how vast the text data is, needed to be read through for the task.
We decided that we shouldn’t only rely on our feeble brains to do all the work, but instead develop something that doesn’t fatigue and tirelessly produces outstanding results. And the solution we have come up with, takes care of all the aforementioned problems.
xeno is a summarisation assistant, based on the latest advancements in AI for natural language processing.

There are many situations where summarisation could greatly reduce the processing time, as well as offer crucial information when there is otherwise no time to go through the text data manually. The Xeno Summarisation Toolkit takes the heavy processing load of your hands and hands you a short, sweet and, above all, concrete and accurate summarisation of the input text data.

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