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About xenogothic

My name is Matt and I run the blog over at xenogothic.com.

The name of the blog was initially chosen due to a long-held feeling that I’m not a very good goth. In wanting to embrace this subcultural imposter syndrome and explore it, I adopted this blogonym and have since attempted to describe a worldview through it.

Broadly speaking, Xenogothic is an attempt to reposition the Gothic away from its own reflection — to build new futures for the Gothic; to reweird the Gothic; to encourage a new Gothic that exists outside of itself, having an impact on the world beyond its present status as rigid aesthetic cliché. 

I have been doing this since late 2017, exploring philosophy, politics and culture, often all at once, through weekly (sometimes daily) posts on whatever comes to mind. In 2020, I published two books — Egress: On Mourning, Melancholy and Mark Fisher and Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lecture of Mark Fisher and have since begun a new journey into publishing whilst keeping the blog alive as I go.

Why Patreon?

Whilst my blog audience has continued to grow at a steady pace, my life has been anything but stable and I have been left thinking about how I can use the blog as a platform to help support myself whilst also staying true to my principles of open-access and cultural generosity.

All of the content published on the blog is done so for free and this will never change. However, I have branched out into making my own merch and opening a Ko-Fi profile for small one-off donations. Patreon similarly feels like a great platform for growing an ever-tighter community of readers and supporters, providing new ways of giving back to people beyond the troll-grazing grounds of Twitter.

The main benefit of signing up to the Patreon is that I run a reading group (2-4 times a month), often unpacking a text chosen by patrons and following various lines of flight through and around it. These sessions are all recorded and made available as a podcast for Tier 2 patrons after the fact. In 2020, we have been reading Reza Negarestani's Cyclonopedia, dipping into ephemeral essays, blogs and other works of philosophy that exist in its orbit to inform our reading and build outwards from its particularly horrific worldview.

Come and join us!
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The Patreon has very gradually been gaining momentum. It's success is self-reinforcing. The more subscribers I get, the more time I am able to dedicate to this platform. £320 is a big goal, but this would greatly alleviate the financial pressure of doing freelance things full-time and allow me to invest in more equipment to produce better quality content. 

In 2021, this will include video content as part of a new venture I am undertaking with Repeater Books. Patrons will be able to access behind-the-scenes content related to this and gain early access to materials. Watch this space.
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