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  I'm a life-long (What is often called a "professional") student, published author, comic artist, (Currently unable to work) licensed tattoo artist, designer, and freelancer; Juggling all of this along with disablitiy for an autoimmune disease called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease--or UCTD for short--is no easy, or affordable, task.  Donations do more than pad my wallet to pay for college classes and text books, offset medication and treatment costs that aren't covered by my insurance (Which is a lot of the newer treatments that are far more effective) but they're tangible proof that you guys like me, you really like me!  Which is easy to forget when all your fans. . .are never in the same room as you.  Or city.  Or state.  Or country.

  Being an artist is a lonely job; Being disabled makes it even lonelier and more isolating, as friends find you too difficult to spend time with--you're always canceling due to being sick, ruining the party with a seizure, having to go home early because you suddenly have no energy or ran out of "spoons", or sometimes need special equipment--like canes, crutches, or a wheelchair--for bouts of time when your condition flares up at random despite treatment; As a result, friends see you less and less, and pretty soon, your only means of socializing is online, and your isolation leads to a depression where you become so reclusive, you stop socializing even there.  This is where I've been for several years now, fighting off that voice inside my head that tells me no one cares if I'm still creating or not, anyway.

   Sorry to get so very honest and real with you, Dear Reader, but it's all the truth.

 By donating monthly, you'll help me pay for school, medication, treatments for my diseases (Like depression) that I can't afford (Like the new treatment using magnets, TMS, known to completely cure two issues I have--depression and OCD?  Not covered by my insurance; It would cost $6,000 per condition to get the complete treatment to cure it, but odds are very good it actually would cure it, rather than be a band-aid like pills are--and the pills?  They don't work.)  It also allows me to purchase art supplies, programs, and pay for things like internet, electricity, computer repair and replacement--you get the idea. 

  Many of you may've met me, perhaps for the first time at all, at various conventions teaching subjects like How to Draw Manga, Webcomics, Feminism in Anime, and so on--and the majority of you have approached me when they ended and told me how much you learned in such a short time, how impressed you were, how you felt you learned so much; I plan to make many of my tutorials in video tutorials (In addition to written), and share them here as well as on sites like SkillShare.

 Don't worry; There's rewards right now for donating!
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I've done loads of written tutorials but never have done them on video; I also don't record myself as I work or stream very often (I.E, ever), though people have asked.  If you're a visual/audio learner, help reach this goal and your needs will get met 8D  Polls will be taken from supporters as to what topics to cover or videos to do next; The first person to push me to this goal, however, gets first pick!
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