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A glimmer of light in the darkness

Hologram Experiment
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You notice a glimmer that is different from the others...

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The mad scientists in the distance




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About Xhen

Welcome to my Patreon!

**I'm just starting this thing up, so please bear with me while I get it figured out.**
^.^ <3

A little about me:

I am an ambient/cinematic composer who specializes in creating dramatic soundscapes. My style is a combination of vocal ambiance and dark instrumentals, with a heavy cinematic influence. I try to veer away from using lyrics in my pieces, so that audiences from around the world can benefit from the pure, emotional experience of my work.

What you will receive as a valued patron:
  • Access to all of my released music
  • Exclusive musical performance videos 
  • Exclusive "behind-the-scenes" videos of me working on my album (so exciting)
  • Exclusive merchandise opportunities (hand-made by me!) 
  • Members-only B-side tracks
  • Pictures of my bunnies (not a euphemism.. or IS IT? Only one way to find out :P)
  • My undying friendship and love
  • Maybe a tiny fragment of my soul
  • and much, much more!!

Know where your hard-earned money is going!:
When you choose to support Xhen, you are helping me to create new tunes which will be made faster and better than ever. Some of the things your money will be going to include,
  • Proper Mixing/Mastering of my tracks, which will speed up the release of my much anticipated album "How to Save a Hologram"
  • Supplies needed for merchandise (since my stuff is going to be hand-made, I plan to buy in bulk to save money, and then chip away at projects when I'm not working on music!)
  • Ramen noodles for late night music sessions
  • Veggies to feed my two furry children
  • Maybe some coffee (all hail the coffee bean)

So yeah! I hope I can produce enough content to go above and beyond your expectations. This is the first time I've ever been obsessed with a project, so I'm taking the time to run with it. Your support means the world to me, and I look forward to keeping you entertained and feeling all the feels.


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