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From the highest riches, to the lowest shillings, every amount still makes the pile full.

Your support is much appreciated, and your contribution helps alleviate the sting of purchasing cosplay, props, sets, supplies, equipment, etc.

It's not much, but it will do. Here, take it, take it!

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Well, well, well, So you've fallen into this tier. Sit and let me tell you what you can expect.

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24 | they/them
cosplay deviant
latex enthusiast

**Hello, I am not accepting new patreons.

Please DO NOT join even if you see a spot available. I am not sending out rewards, and if you join new, you will be charged. You can either see it as a donation, message me for a refund.

If you are looking for a place to support my work and get my content, please consider checking out my links here

Hello and welcome to my very own patreon. If you're here, then I would imagine that means you have interest in supporting my artistic endeavors and following me along the way. Thank you for making it this far, and I hope you stay in some form for the haul. Lets see how I can make it worth it for you.
When I've got more time and figure out the image thing, I will make this look nicer.
$30.36 of $120 per month
120$ might not seem like a lot, but that's a full day of work for me. That goal would mean I can take an extra day off and not have to worry about it hurting me financially. An extra day means more time for making sets for you.
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