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The Kuriboh Tier is for patrons who want to support but can only afford so much. My Kuribohs will have the options of either 30 seconds or less amvs (FX, RAW or Candy), A fanfic between 500 and 1000 words, or a fanart from the shoulders up. 
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Winged Kuribohs have the option for 1 minute to 2 minute long amvs (RAW, FX or Candy), 3000 words or more fanfiction, or a fanart from the waist down with or without 2 or more characters. 
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Elite Kuribohs have the options of full length amvs (RAW, FX, or Candy), Multi-chapter fanfiction, or a full length fanart of 1 of more characters. 




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About TheabridgedKuriboh

My name is Shannon (AKA xKuribohAragami or Kuri), I love the work that I do but because of medical reasons I had to drop out of school, so my college debts are pilling up. I am looking for help to pay off my bills. I work 2 jobs and still unable to pay off my debts. Request anything from me and I promise I will put 200% of my love into it. Any support is helpful. 
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When I reach 100 dollars per month, I will do special shoutouts to one patron every month"
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