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Thanks for supporting Excellence. As an Excellence Patron, you will receive the first Magnifying Excellence E-Book, written by podcast host Brian Hurlburt. This e-book tracks the history of excellence from the beginning through today and includes amazing and inspiring quotes, interesting details and much, much more. Plus exclusive patron-only posts and messages.
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The Excellence Magnified Level features the first Magnifying Excellence E-Book--the Story of Excellence Revealed and written by podcast host Brian Hurlburt--and also the first-edition Magnifying Excellence water bottle for work outs, bike rides, walks and more, or a first edition coffee mug to begin the day inspired. And the exclusive Magnifying Excellence personalized letter and certificate plus the e-book and inspirational water bottle as well to someone you choose to help Chase Excellence. How life changing could this recognition be?

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Plus, early access to content, patron only posts and messages, insight into the process and a chance to win Excellence gear and autographs. Your ongoing support helps us with the Magnifying Excellence project where we recognize excellence where it happens and motivate people to Chase Excellence. Disclaimer: xlete is not a charitable organization but a portion of revenues are used to seek out Excellence in young adults and others to inspire them to continue the Chase for Excellence.
  • Magnifying Excellence E-Book - The Story of Excellence Revealed--Quotes, anecdotes, the history of Excellence, and much more is included.
  • Magnifying Excellence Water Bottle--First Edition--or Inspirational coffee mug
  • Personalized Magnifying Excellence Letter--Identify a person close to you-a child, a co-worker, an athlete you admire, a spouse, a boss, a parent, someone from afar, and a personalized Magnifying Excellence letter will be sent to them to inspire them to keep CHASING EXCELLENCE.
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About Xlete - Magnifying Excellence

The first season of the Magnifying Excellence Podcast (10 episodes) features exclusive interviews diving into Excellence with guests including:

- Greg Maddux, baseball hall of famer (How did a fortune cookie inspire him?)
- Bill Walton, basketball hall of famer (He has a 16-minute definition of excellence)
- Susan Anton, multi-talented performer and business woman (Excellence is being curious)
- Napoleon McCallum, former NFL player and U.S. Naval Academy graduate (He says anytime is a great time to talk about excellence)
- Mike Maddux, 15-year baseball veteran and current St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach (Mike says don't be afraid to make the ask)

We are motivating humanity to chase Excellence by magnifying awe-inspiring people, teams, stories, philosophies and performances. A new era of Excellence is here with the Magnifying Excellence podcast, xlete.com online universe, e-books and more. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Chasing Excellence is reserved for those willing to sacrifice to achieve greatness and maximum achievement. When Excellence is the goal of individuals and/or teams--athletic or otherwise--absolute focus is placed on the process and steady improvement. A destination of ultimate accomplishment is probable. Quite simply, the pursuit of Excellence helps humanity win, and leads to life purpose, empowerment, joy, success, grit and determination, respect, humility, character, attraction, self-belief, kindness, collaboration, innovation, empathy, cooperation and unity. A common thread of Excellence: it is a journey, not a destination.

The Magnifying Excellence podcast will examine the world's top athletes, business leaders, medical personnel, performers, and others, plus honor excellence where ever it happens and you can share the excellence you witness. Please join our path to Excellence now.

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