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Cup of Hot Chocolate

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Cover some costs like the power for the veloren-server
or let me enjoy a hot beverage
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Happy Server

per month
My server overloads of happiness for more electricity and towards possible hardware upgrades.
A upgrade would directly benefits the players of the official server: server.veloren.net as it allows for more players and smother gameplay
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About xMAC94x

I'm one of the core developers of Veloren, and leader of the Server&Multiplayer Working Group.

I'm engaged to the project from the beginning (i think like 8 days after the initial creation in 2018).

Veloren is an open source game created from scratch for a community that likes RPG and voxel games. It has many contributors, who spend a decent amount of their free time to develop this game.

Personally I focus on all kind of engine related tasks. that includes networking, physics, scalability, metrics. Additionally to coding I am keeping an eye on our CI builds to help all developers of veloren contributing their work.
I am also proudly hosting the official veloren multiplayer server: server.veloren.net on my server.

While I am doing all this for free, you have here the possibility to help me, invest more into veloren or cover my costs with electricity :)

If you are interested in contributing to veloren, please visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/kjwJwjK
If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Discord:

$8.24 of $24.29 per month
Survey about a monthly focus update.
I will mothly write a small blog post about a focus area you are interested in.
Do you wanna know how networking works? How we do physics calculations?
Please keep topics engine related, as i (ofc) can't know everything ;)
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