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Tim Leopard is a British Writer, Artist and Performer. His bands include CELEBRICIDE (defunct) and THE PRIVATE SECTOR (extant). He is a polite anarchist, who respectfully requests the immediate elimination of all dogmatic control systems.

“When I was nine years old, I drew an image in the back of an exercise book at school. The picture was sufficiently obscene to attract the attention of, first, the Form Tutor and subsequently, the Headmaster. I was called into his study, then admonished and then beaten. The image was destroyed, and I was informed by the Headmaster that I was not normal, would never be normal, and had no place in the school. At this precise moment, I realised the power of disobedient creation. Here I am, four decades later, still doing it.

I often wonder what would have happened if I’d not drawn that lizard with two cocks on my maths book. Personally, I very much doubt I’d have ever picked up a pen again in my life.”

The images displayed here depict the activities of the residents of SODHAVEN, a fictional town on the South-East coast of England, and are the by-product of a four decades of searing psychic harm. ‘Sodhaven’ represents an attempt to document an ongoing palliative care programme.
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