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Here we are, in a world full of blank white papers, knowing little how we can continue as humanity without destroying ourselves. Now, more than ever, we have the possibility to set up the best currency possible if we allow it: Trust.

Trust and devotion.
These 3 words appeared in front of my inner eye a couple of years ago.
And they have stuck, till today.
To trust my life and my vibrancy and to fully devote to it. That’s what I want.
Yes, I wanna be alive, like a little child.
And I wanna inspire others with this vibrancy.
That’s why I make music.
It makes me feel alive.
That’s my job.
I love it.

Who am I?

I’m Martin, founder of “Xumbalu – the play of music”, singer, songwriter, dreamer, connector.

What is Xumbalu?
Xumbalu is the name of my music project.

What do I do?
Music that inspires to think and act towards more love with planet Earth and all beings on it.
I do music alone, with others and for others. In Workshops. In concerts. In Compositions. In my head. In my heart.

Why am I here on Patreon?
The idea of Patreon is to help creators doing what they love. Patreon did a great video about its mission. One of many characteristics of us creators is that we just need to create. If we don’t we implode. I personally think this is great and necessary (not the implosion but the sheer need to create).
I can create at my best when I don't need to spend thoughts on what I need to do next in order to earn money.
Thus for me Patreon is a great way to ask my fans for financial support so that I can 'just' create. As such support is the greatest thing I as an artist can get from you as my fans I thank you with different gifts (see tiers above) and especially much more music.
Thanks so much for helping me to live in and with

creative freedom!

On the picture on top of the page you see the words 'trust' and 'devotion' written on rail tracks. My innermost wish is to spread more trust and devotion in the world by taking train rides on these tracks. Wanna join?

Something else?
I feel we are in a point of time where we have a huge chance to go forward – if we trust and believe in ourselves and not in what others try to make us trust and believe in.
And if we want it or not: we infect ourselves by doing so. That is a human ability. So let us infect with pure joy, our purest vibrancies and create a healthy world in peace. With trust and devotion.

In gratitude, 
7 of 77 patrons
When I reach 77 patreons riding the train on the tracks of trust and devotion I will write a song: The Patreon Life Music.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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