is creating an AI voice acting synthesis tool using voices from video games

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About xVASynth

xVASynth is an AI-based speech synthesis app that can generate high quality voice acting lines using existing voices from Bethesda games. The tool should enable a variety of new content, such as adding voice acting to game quest mods, creating machinima, adding voice acting to unvoiced areas of the games, and expanding existing dialogue with new vocabulary.

The tool and the 35+ voices across 50+ characters/voice-sets from 6+ games can be publicly downloaded from the respective pages on the Nexus.

The models were trained on ~5y old hardware, so this patreon exists to help fund a new GPU, supplementing my (PhD) student budgeting. New hardware is necessary to further improve the quality of the more difficult voices (VRAM capacity for batch sizes), as well as faster throughput of new updates (speed of training new models).

Join chat on Discord here: https://discord.gg/nv7c6E2TzV

Download the tool and models from here (links to be added today or tomorrow):
Starfield: <soon>
Fallout 4: <soon>
Skyrim: <soon>
Fallout New Vegas: <soon>
Fallout 3: <soon>
Oblivion: <soon>
Morrowind: <soon>

Keep track of code changes on GitHub here: https://github.com/DanRuta/xVA-Synth/

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