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Level 1: Special Thank You & Live Shows!
per month
We appreciate anyone who considers becoming a patron to our podcast! You will be thanked by a family-friendly user name or real name at the end of each episode.

Also, get access to exclusive mini live shows via dischord once a month! Everyone who signs up for the Patreon gets to vote for up to three random themes that we will have you pick from. The winning theme will have 6 tracks that we pick that we will play live (three per host). 

Includes Discord benefits
Level 2: Caller's Choice!
per month
Stay tuned to our Patreon if you pick this goal, because you'll be able to be entered into a drawing to win a caller pick! Each episode will have a total of two callers (with a third resigned for our characters). You get to be one of the two callers, as well as the ability to choose a track for us to play for the episode that fits with a theme! 

i.e. Let's say we're doing an episode on the Sega Genesis. You can pick a track that falls in line with that theme, and we can either call you via Skype or Discord and you can be on the show!

In order to take full advantage of this tier, you'll need a proper microphone, and if possible,the ability to record yourself via Audacity, so we can include you in the episode.If you prefer to not have your voice on the air, but still want to pick a track for the episode, we can have your pick (as well as your name) be read out loud by one of our characters during your request. (i.e. Samus Aran dedicates a Metroid song you picked to you!)

*This tier is based on a monthly drawing that would be done to keep the rotation of people fair and balanced.*

This tier also includes the live discord mini episodes and the thank you.

Includes Discord benefits
Level 3: A Word From Our Sponsors...
per month
Ever wanted to test out your best radio voice on air? Sign up for this tier and you can do the commercial bit for an episode! 

If you'd like to take it a step further, we'd love to involve you in the writing process as well, where we can spitball ideas to create a fun, fresh take on fake video game related commercials based on a specific theme. 

*This tier is based on a monthly drawing that would be done to keep the rotation of people fair and balanced. 

This tier also includes the live discord mini episodes and the thank you. 

Includes Discord benefits




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Welcome to the XVGM Radio Patreon Page!

XVGM Radio is a video game music podcast co-hosted by Michael Levy and Justin Schneider that is designed like a radio show. We generally listen to 10 tracks (plus a song to introduce the episode's topic) and discuss, dissect, and develop our opinions on the songs we choose. We also have fun game-related callers as well as a fun episode-related fake commercials that are in every episode! We like to have fun showcasing game music genres of all types. We want the listener to feel the passion for the music in video games like we do, and we can think of no better way than Patreon to elevate our show to the next level.
$63 of $100 per month
At the $100 goal, we can invest in new equipment to make the show sound even better! Things like new microphones, better pop filters, etc. This will also go towards web hosting costs for the show's website, Google drive fees for extra storage, etc.
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