is creating roleplaying items and props, YouTube videos, and Twitch streams.
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I tip my hat to you, generous tipper! Whether you watched me make a fool of myself in some horror game or say a handcrafted item of my creation, showing your support is key to me continuing my craft! Thank you!

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Side Quests galore! With this tier, you are welcome to join my guild, Reign of Misfits on Discord. You will be able to mingle among the other misfits and create your own party of Adventurers!

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Any mighty hero deserves praise! All heroes will receive a shoutout on YouTube videos and during my twitch streams! You are also welcome to mingle among other adventurers and heroes on our Discord server! 

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About XxSapphireRiot

Greetings and Salutations! I am a humble peasant welcoming you to my creative zone. While my creations may not be as professional as a Master Blacksmith, I take the time and dedication to make everything with passion (blood, sweat, and tears mostly).

Help support my dreams and adventures so one day I may be an adventuring hero!
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When I reach 10 patreons, I will create a 12 hour overnight Twitch streaming horror event to celebrate!
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