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Since Y2K aesthetic has become my main work & passion, supporting with $1 per month helps to keep the content coming! In addition, I will be posting particular pieces of media that your contribution has helped to buy. For example, a book on Amazon that I will be able to purchase, scan, and share on the blog. In addition, if I get enough support, I may be able to get an account on various archived media sites (Coloribus, Advertolog, etc.) that have a monthly fee. 




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Supporting CARI  

We've been developing many aesthetic channels over the past four years, like Global Village Coffeehouse, Y2K, CGXC, Frutiger Aero. The forgotten nature of these eras means it takes time to discover the really great examples! By donating, you help us with these goals:

  • Supporting the time it takes to search through old archived sites, Google Books scans of magazines/books, Discogs, etc., and clean up the images. 
  • Buying more physical content, like books, magazines, and posters to scan and share with you guys! (I've got an Amazon wish list 150 books long, in addition to the various thrift/used book stores I make weekly visits to) 
  • Potentially starting an account with pay sites that grant access to huge archives of advertising materials. (Coloribus, Advertolog)
  • Getting in touch with designers and companies from the 1980s-onward, in order to get content that may have either never been uploaded online, or lost/corrupted over time. 
In short, becoming a patron helps to both keep up the constant flow of great content, and allows us to purchase/access media that we otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. 


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