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About Ya2

Hi, I'm Flavio Calva from Ya2. I'm Ya2's founder, and I steadily work on our projects. More info about us here.

We develop games as soon as we can make time for them, but we would like to develop more, to release projects faster, and increase our game's quality level.

You can find information about my projects in our website. Our projects are open source games and libraries for Windows, OSX and Linux. My engine of choice may support more platforms later on (WebGL, Android, ...) so you may play it on Android, iOS and browsers in the future. Our games are open source projects so I hope that you can take some benefits from my code, graphics and music. When I create new graphic assets I put them on OpenGameArt, since I would love to help other developers if I can.

Why am I on Patreon? I hope that Ya2's projects may be seen as "shared" with our community. I can put my humble skills on the table, but I have other duties: hosting my site to bring news updates to gamers, renting a VPS for multiplayer and making builds for testers and players, I need to buy hardware to support several platforms, I need to face daily work expenses (internet connection, paper, taxes, etc). Moreover, we need to do several projects for sustaining ourselves, but if we receive some help for Ya2's projects we can focus more on these. So, maybe you like my projects but you can't contribute with code or art, but you still want to help us to release our games, so you can help us here on Patreon. Your help will allow me to reach these goals!

How can I reward you? There are several rewards. First of all, patrons can download our games for free. Sure, now I release them freely, but I don't know what will happen in the future (I may need to re-release them at a small cost). Re-release or not, patrons are guaranteed to have their free copy. :) Moreover, patrons will be credited. Depending on how much you want to help me, you can be credited on our website, in the game, on GUI pages, and even ingame graphics elements! Don't you think that it would be cool to have your name in a game? :)

Thank you very much for reading and for helping me! Have a nice day!

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