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About YagmanX

Hi, I'm YagmanX, a game designer and content creator who loves to tell stories in any way possible: Through short stories, music, video games, poems, crude drawings and videos!

I absolutely ADORE creating content for you all, I can't stress that enough. Without you guys to offload my creative ideas to I do fear that my brain might just implode. (You may think I'm exaggerating but I'm not willing to test that theory...)

Why I need your help?

If you enjoy my videos then through Patreon you could pay as little as $1 per month and ultimately help me out in my vision to:

Upgrade my camera lens - Imagine me in crystal clear quality, it'd be like I'm really there with you, only with cold glass dividing us, and I'd be really tiny... (although I'll admit, I am rather short!)

Buy more games for Let's Play's - You're always asking me to play certain games and I'd love to! But unfortunately I can't have them all, so I have to choose wisely! But with your help YOU can decide the games I play!

Create more Game Dev Creations - Being a solo dev isn't easy or cheap. I need to afford to pay other talented creators to collaborate together on games, cinematics, music videos and more!

Upgrade the overall quality of content -This will lead to an easier production of my videos and more free time for me to focus on them instead of trying to get some dollar for my daily food consumption; meaning I can spend more time and effort on each one, making sure that you get much better content!

Heck, maybe even one day I'll be able to run this channel full time, making indie games and other creations alongside talented people, now that's the dream!

What's in it for you?

Apart from helping me on my quest to make my content ripples wider spread and quality soar higher:
  • Exclusive Patron only content
  • Behind the Scenes info
  • Exclusive discord access just for you
  • A personalised thank you letter in the post (See below for details)
  • Become a mod on my streams / discord (See below for details)
  • To make my day amazing!

What if you don't want to?

That is perfectly fine, just you watching and engaging with my content is enough for you all to be perfectly amazing human beings in my opinion.

If at any point you wish to stop being a Patron you can do so at any time, no hard feelings! :)
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I'll very happily upgrade this old camcorder of mine.

Crisp quality, pristine audio and maybe even one of those fancy blur functions... Oooo!
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