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About Yahwho

Hi I'm Yahwho, thanks for stopping by! 😁

Today I work in IT, looking after servers and networks. It's okay, but my real passion is in programming and medieval history. First teaching myself how to code from the age of 15 by reverse engineering HTML and JavaScript. After obtaining a Computer Science degree I entered the world of work during the great recession of 2008; the biggest global economic downturn since World War II. Unfortunately no one at the time was willing to take on an inexperienced programmer, so my life-plans were forever changed.

10 years later my love for code was rekindled by an accidental find; Rising World. Rising World is an indie game developed by Red51. Stumbling across his games' API was the start of a new coding adventure. 

Since the end of 2017 almost every hour of my spare time is spent programming, developing, and managing Medieval Realms; a medieval themed plugin for Rising World. I am currently on the third complete rewrite of Medieval Realms. The last version consisted of just over 42,000 lines of code. I'm not saying that having 42,000 lines of code is great - it would be far better to have achieved the same functionality with 21,000 lines of code! But hey, I'm still learning.

The plugin to date has seen me introduce the first player controlled land claim system (AXES) to the game, the first economy system (Crowns), the first (and as of writing this only) Tabbed Graphical User Interface, the only server to have gemstones, and the only server to have online player statistics, as well as many other frontrunner features.

Thank you for reading this far. Really, thank you. I'm here today to put out my Patreon begging bowl. And ask your help in continuing my work on Medieval Realms. Not only do I spend a monumental amount of time programming and developing MR but I also maintain and run the physical hardware for the server. There are continual and inescapable running costs involved in running both the hardware, internet connection (which is a much higher rated service than I would need normally need for regular work), and website. The running costs are estimated at around £11.25 per week.

So please, consider becoming a Patreon of mine today and help me make Medieval Realms the best medieval themed public Rising World server out there!

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Will cover the continual running costs of the server and website.
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