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About Yanka

Hi! You can call me Yanka, I'm a pastime game developer since the early 00's and I'm working on a free horror mod right now (for Amnesia: the Dark Descent), among other projects.

Today, it's hard, impossible creating games and living decently at the same time. My job takes me a lot of time and energy and I cannot work the way I want on games. I got interested in Patreon to help me find funding to concentrate myself on games and especially finish my horror mod for some time. With your help, I can make better things and dedicate 100% of myself in order to deliver you content quicker! That include the current big project mod and also a new game which is in the pipes!

I would really like to keep making games, that is possible if you give me your support! I can't wait to see you becoming a patron, join my sphere and especially play my latest projects!
Thanks a lot!

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With this goal achieved I can concentrate on working on games full-time, which means delivering my mod in the very close future then working on my next game; which is already in the pipes!
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