YardBird Studio [V7 Stick] is creating visual art through photography, modeling, and writing.

Tip of the Iceberg

$1 /mo
This support level really is just the tip of the iceberg.
If you want think you want to contribute, but don't quite want to jump in yet, just get your feet wet here.
Even if you stay at thi...

The Magic Number

$3 /mo
Hey there!
Want to contribute your support, but don't feel like $1 is enough, and can't bump your support to $5 right now?
Here's a reward level for you, that also helps me just that little...


$5 /mo
Want to help support my art, but don't have much extra to spend?
This is a good spot to be at.
You are some kind of wonderful person for supporting artists like me. <3



$10 /mo
Hey you! Yes, you, reading this. You are just a lovely individ'al aren't ya?
I sure think so!
Here's some naked pictures!

~ Access to the basic Patreon feed where I po...

Heart Strings

$20 /mo
You must really love cats, or me, or, well, maybe both.
You surely are this cat's meow!
This reward tier is filled with all of my thanks, and some prints of your choice each month just to d...

Milk Money

$50 /mo
You must be some type of awesome super human being. At least, this value of pledge makes me think you are anyway.
To contribute this sizeable amount to such a tiny artist like me every month, w...


$200 /mo
"Pearsanta" is Irish/Gaelic for "Personal"

You're welcome to sign up for this tier for only one month, or more if you want a custom shoot each month.
Working on projects with fans is s...

Ball of Yarn

$300 /mo
So, because you are just so awesome, you get super special stuff that allllll of these other cool people don't get.
The way I see it, support of this size deserves a special reward.
So... L...

Patron Saint of Awesome

$500 /mo
You must be either crazy rich, or crazy awesome.
Probably both.
Did I mention that you are personally buying all of our groceries this month? Thank you for keeping us healthy!