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Thanks for supporting me to create free sculpts for the community!

  • Vote for what I sculpt next
  • Get new designs 1 week before everyone else 
  • Dropbox access to the entire collection (71 designs currently + a bunch of themed scatter)
  • Progress updates of what I'm sculpting and the chance to give feedback to drive better designs.
  • Discord server to hangout and get a glimpse behind the scenes
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Thanks for your support and choosing to share my designs with the community! 

  • Grants you a commercial license to sell physical prints of my designs in your own stores (as long as you stay in this tier: TERMS)
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About Yasashii Kyojin Studio

I'm Ben, an ex character artist from the games industry in Australia now using my skills to create awesome mini's for your tabletop games, dioramas or to display! I started creating my own mini's in 2019 and I release all my designs to the community for free!

This isn't the usual Patreon campaign where you will get a set amount of exclusive designs each month, I do this for fun in my spare time and focus on quality over quantity. There is no schedule but I usually release 3-4 new creature sculpts each month depending on the difficulty and detail of each design. 

Currently there are 71 designs in the collection. 

Available in both 32mm scale for tabletop gaming and 54mm scale for dioramas and display. They are all made to match each other's size correctly when printed in their respective scale - no more guess work!

I also create a bunch of random scatter pieces as an extra bonus when I need a break from heavy sculpting. 

Become a patron today and instantly receive:

  1. Dropbox access to the ENTIRE collection
  2. All designs 1 week before everyone else
  3. Vote for what I sculpt next!

For your generous support in helping me to continue releasing free designs I can offer you 1 week early access to all completed sculpts before they are released for the rest of the community, a organised Dropbox folder with all my available designs for easy access to the ENTIRE collection, progress images as I work where you can offer your feedback and suggestions and most importantly - voting on what I sculpt next - you know better than anyone what mini's you want to see in your games! My idea list is always updating, either with stuff I find interesting or with requests from patrons and the community. You can check it out and other additional info about scaling and sizes HERE

If you would like to sell physical prints of my designs in your own store please consider THESE terms before subscribing to the Merchant Tiers for a commercial license.

You can check out and test all of my available designs for free here:

And most importantly...

It's been awesome creating things for the whole community. The feedback and support I continue to receive is very much appreciated, it's honestly amazing to see my designs being used on your tables and all the creative paint jobs I get shown. Let's keep this going and keep knocking out the cool designs you and the whole community want in your games. Enjoy!

*** Please note new patrons will be charged the day they become a patron, then on the 1st of the month going forward ***
325 - reached! patrons
When we reach 325 Patrons I'll take on something big as a celebration for hitting this awesome milestone!
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