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I'm Yassmin Abdel-Magied.  I'm an award-winning social justice advocate, writer and former mechanical engineer. I have dedicated my life to building a world that is safe and just for all, informed by my personal experience as a Sudanese-born Muslim migrant, as well as the ample evidence of injustice that is plain to see, all around us.

If you have found me through my writing or on social media, thank you for stopping by.  If you have ever gotten value from my work, this is a perfect way to support those efforts, and enable it to continue, inshallah. I look forward to you joining on this journey of learning and growth.


Why did I decide to start this Patreon?

We live in strange times, with rapid change and too much information, and a need for some sense to be made out of it all. That is what my work is about, and people over the years have responded incredibly positively to it, Alhamdulilah. However, in order to be able to continue to do this work, for it to be sustainable, I cannot do this on my own. This Patreon community allows me to continue to create the kind of work that centers communities who have historically been marginalised. We're all here to build a new normal, right?

I am committed to engaging in this process with transparency and integrity always, inshallah. I am also a big believer in equity and access, and so I will continue to publish openly and freely across platforms, including social media (despite the levels of harassment that comes through). However, if you become a Patron, you’ll be part of a community of subscribers. I’ll be sharing journal entries, my reading lists and tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way. You can also let me know what’s happening in your neck of the woods, or share with me work you’d like platformed.


What am I working on now?
I’m currently neck deep in writing my third book (the sequel to You Must Be Layla), and am in the final stages of the script work on a comedy-drama television show I've written with a friend that has been optioned for production.  I've also partnered with LinkedIn for a 12 month 'Changemakers' initiative, focusing on tackling unconscious bias in the workplace (feel free to follow along here!).


What's my track record?
Let’s start with activism. I started Youth Without Borders when I was 16, which I ran for 9 years. I then founded Mumtaza, an organisation dedicated to the normalisation of the representation of women of colour in positions of power and influence. I’ve been fortunate enough to win numerous awards for my advocacy, but that isn’t why I do this work. I now travel the world talking to governments, NGO’s and multinational companies in over 20 countries on how to lead inclusively, challenge their structural and systemic biases and develop resilience in this world. My TED talk, What does my headscarf mean to you, has been viewed over two million times and was chosen as one of TED’s top ten ideas of 2015.

I started writing social and political commentary as a teen, which led to publishing my debut memoir, Yassmin's Story, with Penguin Random House at age 24. I followed up with my first fiction book for younger readers, You Must Be Layla, in 2019. My essays have been published in numerous anthologies, including the Griffith Review, the best-selling It’s Not About The Burqa and The New Daughters of Africa. You can also find me in The Guardian, Teen Vogue, The New York Times, The Independent and Glamour.

I’ve also done a bit of broadcasting: I presented the national TV show Australia Wide, a podcast on becoming an F1 driver and created Hijabistas, a series looking at the modest fashion scene in Australia. I’m also a regular contributor to the BBC, Monocle 24 radio and as a co-host of The Guilty Feminist.

Oh yeah - I ran a racecar team at university and worked as a driller on oil and gas rigs for four years, but that's a whole other story...


Thank you so much for joining me on this journey folks. If you would prefer to support with a one-time donation as opposed to becoming a monthly patron feel free to do so here.

Peace and Blessings upon you all,
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